Wednesday, April 16, 2014

c'est la vie

Coat: Tory Burch (similar here and here) // Top: Banana Republic // Jeans: Express // Flats: Anthropologie // Bag: Celine // Hat: Zara (love this one) // Sunglasses: Celine 'Caty' // Earrings: Bauble Bar // Lips and Nails: YSL 'Rouge Pop Art'

New York City. Many people move to this amazing city to chase a dream or to create a new one. Me? I moved here for a challenge, an adventure of sorts. My adventure was to further my pharmacy training and complete a pharmacy residency program, and why not go big and move away from Florida, the place I call home and everything I've known, for this one year program (or so I thought). Fortunately, my younger sister already relocated here for grad school and my boyfriend was shortly following for his medical school rotations. I always felt I cheated in a way, moving here with such a solid support system. Props to the people that move to the concrete jungle and make it with only their own strength and will to keep them going through the city's every day grind.

One year turned into two years. I realized where my heart was.. and that was in ambulatory care. So I completed another year of residency. Two years turned into three years. And here I am now. Living in Brooklyn, working with people and caring for patients that I love. Never would I have imagined this, I really am so blessed. It's moments like this, chasing sunsets with Matt in search of that perfect (Instagram) photo spot, that I wonder how we ever got here. 

No matter the struggle, know that what is meant to be, is meant to be. Everything happens for a reason. Truly. And you're going to make it. 
C'est la vie.


Photos of me by: Matthew Barros


  1. So very well said Becca and kudo's to chasing the dream! xx.

    Cyn from

  2. I love when people are daring enough to do something to challenge themselves. No risk no reward. My sister moved to NYC a few years ago and never looked back. Its been an up and down struggle here and there but she's grown a thicker skin and adapted to the New York lifestyle and its so great seeing how she's grown over the years. As for this outfit. Adorable! I <3 that Celine!!!


  3. Loved your story Becca!

    xx, Daisy