Thursday, February 26, 2015

how i shop // nm last call


Sometimes, when things are meant to be, they are meant to be.

And your heart jumps into your throat and you're squealing inside like it's Christmas day all over again. That's how I feel whenever I find a designer score like these Celine nude kitten heels at NM Last Call. It's one of the few outlet stores that I am most drawn to, no matter what outlet mall I find myself in. As I said in an earlier post, whenever I am visiting home in Ft. Lauderdale, I must make a stop at the Last Call at the Sawgrass Mills Mall and am usually accompanied by my sister and mother (my poor dad). We are pros at scouring the store, usually taking about one hour to walk through.

So this is how I shop NM Last Call:
  1. OMG shoes. Maybe it's in my genes (I blame Imelda Marcos), but  I am first drawn to the shoe section of every store, including this one. I've found all of my favorite brands here, including the above Celine, Manolo (last seen here), Tory Burch, Vince, and Pour la Victoire.. all for a fraction of the retail price. Look out for the clearance section which is usually an additional 50% off (has red sticker on price tag) as well as the high end racks for some designer deals.
  2. Next stop, bags and sunglasses. I'll be honest, we know the jewelry/bags/sunglasses salesperson by name. She's become a close family friend over the years and even calls us about pre-sales.. and sneaks us into the back where they stash even more designer bags! It's bad. Get to know these ladies because if you are on the search for a particular brand or style, they will hook you up - just leave them your name/number/email. Promise. To be honest, all of the Chanel handbags that get rotated between myself, sister and mom were never bought full price. They've all been purchased at NM Last Call because of this inside information we obtain. I've also scored this Celine bag and more recently, a Balenciaga city bag (which I must post soon). As for the freshest sunnies, they've been stocking Celine sunglasses for ~$100 and I want them all!
  3. Work-wear. You probably can't tell from my outfit posts, but I am the biggest fan of Tahari dresses. I find they are the most flattering fit for my curves and are so professional in style - perfect for my job at the hospital and clinics. I wait until the entire store has an extra 40% off promotion (which is pretty often) and snag up all the ones in my size or my sister's size!
So there you have it, my three main stops in the store. Of course, I visit the men's section sometimes when I'm looking for gifts for Matt or my dad ;) All in all, a great outlet store to find high-end and middle-end brands for low prices. Just remember to be patient sorting through racks and to wait for those 40% or 50% off promotions!

How do you shop NM Last Call?

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